Algebra 2

"It is hard to convince a high-school student that he will encounter a lot of problems more difficult than those of algebra and geometry."
-- Edward W. Howe

Welcome to the algebra 2 webpage for KAS students.  On this page you'll find examples of links to further development of algebra concepts, plus reviews and other activities.

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 Algebra 10

Algebra 10 builds fluency in mathematics through a graphically, technology-integrated approach to problem-solving using algebraic structures. Students will use graphing calculators, computer modeling, and traditional methods, individually and cooperatively, to write and analyze linear and quadratic models and functions. Our activities will lead to a deeper understanding of the fundamental properties of algebra with the real number system. Applications to real life will include exchange rates, maximization of profit under constraints, and projectile motion.  Students will show their understanding through graphical, analytical, numerical and verbal representations and solutions, employing increasingly formal mathematical notation and higher-order thinking skills.  The course will be differentiated by content at three levels:  Basic Algebra 10, Algebra 10, and Algebra 10 Honors.

Early Test Finishers

Use THIS APPLET to find the solutions to the following linear systems.

1.  y = 3x - 4 & y = 1/2x + 5
2.  x - y = 10 & 2x + y = 5
3.  y = 7x + 14 & y = 1/3 x - 6
4.  2x + 3y = 6 & -2x + 3y = 6


Inverse Functions Grapher
Helps visualize symmetry

Inverse Functions Worksheet

Try this out!  You can do as many practice problems as you'd like, then check your answers!

Translations of Functions

Are translations getting you down?  Check out this awesome resource which shows you how they work.

Some great resource links from Howard County in Maryland, USA

Composition of functions practice
At this site you will find two important items:  a short lesson about composition of functions and determining the domain (marked L), then some practice problems (marked P).  Try these problems with pen and paper then check your work by pulling down their answer.

Composition of functions challenge problems

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